How does Giveaway Ninja work?

Whether you want to grow your Facebook page, Instagram profile, or get more referrals,
Giveaway Ninja provides you many social actions and all the features you need to run successful giveaways.

Engage Your Visitors

Simply put: customers love giveaways!

Giveaways are fun and entice users to interact with your brand to earn entries.

Viral Sharing = More Traffic

Once visitors enter a giveaway, they are motivated to share it with their friends to earn more entries and increase their odds of winning.

More Traffic = More Sales

Word-of-mouth allows you to reach a wider audience without spending a fortune in ads! Thanks to the high ROI, giveaways are an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool!

All you need to grow your audience.

Many powerful features included in all plans!

Plan your Giveaway

Choose a timezone, plan start and end dates.

Many Entry Actions

View Posts and Videos, Share, Join Newsletter... and much more. Choose among 15+ entry actions, define mandatory and daily ones.

Draw Winners

Easily draw winners, double check valid entries and disqualify cheating users.

Instant Deal

Offer a discount code to subscribers and drive more sales right after they join the giveaway.

Polls & Surveys

Engage visitor with Polls, Surveys and "Answer a Question" actions

Submit Images

Users can also earn points by submitting an image.

Invisible Recaptcha

Add an extra security layer with your own Recaptcha keys to mitigate spam and frauds.


Deep integration with Shopify for a smooth workflow. You can export e-mails automatically to Klaviyo, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign (other providers coming soon).


We track UTM fields, referrer and landing URL and pass them to your e-mail automation service.

Required Fields

Set which additional fields are required (opt-in and/or name)

Privacy and GDPR

Handle the required opt-in checkbox properly for EU/non-EU visitors


Easily translate the labels in your language.

E-mail Validation & Confirmation

All e-mails are validated at sign-up, you can also require users to confirm their address.

Error Monitoring

If any errors occur, we track it down and notify you when your action is required to fix them.

E-mail list

Filter by date, giveaway, and export with a click. Keep track of coupons and sales generated.


Easily understand how your Giveaway is performing.

...and much more!

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